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Electricity is a wonderful thing; it allows us to heat and cool our homes, store our food, wash our clothes, and enjoy television and entertainment within our houses. We rely on electricity to be readily available to us whenever we need it, and it rarely crosses our minds that we may need to inspect or maintain electrical wiring for safety concerns. Each year, hundreds of fires are started as a direct cause of faulty wiring or shortages, and having an experienced Lafayette electrical safety inspector audit your home can help keep you safe.

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At Travis' Electrical Services, we are proud to provide quality electrical safety inspections to homes and businesses as a way to prevent electrical fires, accidents, or electrocutions. We can help identify potential problems before they occur, ensure that wiring has been correctly set up, and shut off electricity as necessary prior to construction.

If you are looking for an electrical home inspection or business inspection, call our Louisiana State Licensed Electrical Contractor at (337) 214-0010 today.

Signs You Need An Electrical Inspection

Did you know that electrical fires are responsible for over 13% of home fires in the United States? To put things into perspective, that accounts for over 51,000 fires every year occurring due to electrical distribution in the United States alone. Unfortunately, homeowners may oftentimes not be aware of the potential electrical dangers that they are surrounded by in their very own homes. For this reason, electrical inspections are critical for the safety of homeowners and their families. Below are a few signs that you should look out for. If you run into any of these sings, make sure to not ignore them and schedule an electrical inspection for your home as soon as possible, to prevent potential dangers and damages.

1. Flickering lights

Flickering lights are one of the most major signs to look out for when it comes to electrical safety. If you notice that your light bulbs are flickering, it usually means that there is an issue that has to do with other appliances attached to the same circuit. Certain appliances will need a certain amount of power to function. Such appliances are thus using more energy to work, and multiple heavy-duty appliances attached to the same circuit could be problematic and potentially dangerous. An electrical expert will be able to spot such issues and resolve them by attaching appliances to different circuits, to ensure the safety of you and your family.

2. Sparks

Sparks from your home's electrical system are never a good sign. This is a serious fire hazard - if you notice sparks from your home outlets or fuse boxes you should call an electrical expert straight away.

3. Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell coming from any of your home's electrical outlets of fuse boxes, it is a sign that you need an electrical inspection to ensure your safety. In such scenarios, we strongly advise you to stop using the power and call an electrical expert to take a inspect the situation.

4. Strange Sounds

Your home's electrical circuits should not be making any strange sounds. If you notice sounds such as buzzing or humming coming from your electrical circuit, it could be a sign of defective appliances or loose and faulty interior electrical wiring.

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As a homeowner, there are some things that you can look for that can help prevent an electrical accident, such as:

  • Keeping electrical cords and outlets free of foot traffic
  • Not overloading power strips
  • Not overloading extension cords
  • Ensuring smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are properly wired
  • Make sure switches and outlets are working properly
  • If an outlet or switch feels warm to the touch, stop using it and call our electric company
  • Properly plug in and unplug devices from outlets
  • Static, buzzing or electrical sounds should be reported immediately to a professional
  • Plugging large electrical output items into surge protectors
  • Making sure wires are updated to thermoplastic covers
  • Auditing EV charging stations
  • Checking the status of breaker panels
  • Turning off electricity as necessary for large construction projects

While these suggestions are a great place to start, the only way to ensure that your home is safe and properly wired is to work directly with a licensed team member from our Lafayette electric company. For any large projects or immediate safety concerns, call Travis' Electrical Services right away to discuss all the services we offer.

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Do not wait! Safety is always a priority and an electrical safety inspection can help protect your home and property. It can even save your life.

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For more information on our safety services, call our Lafayette electrical safety inspectors at (337) 214-0010 today and schedule an appointment with our team.


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